Bee Removal

Bee Removal And Control Methods

When a bee colony moves into your Woodbridge, Vaughan, Toronto home, walls or any spot in your house, removing or controlling them can be time consuming, expensive and difficult. However, several methods can be used to control or remove bees. It is important to verify the species as the removal techniques can vary depending on the bee type.

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Hiring the services of a bee exterminator in Woodbridge, Vaughan ON can be controversial since bees are beneficial to the environment. However, in some cases, it can be the only option especially when a person is allergic to bee stings and the local beekeepers are not available to do the job. A professional exterminator will kill the bees before removing them. The exterminator uses a pesticide to kill the bees. However, the bee removal pesticide only kills the bees near the nest surface. New pupa may emerge after a few days. This means that the exterminator will have to come back over a couple of weeks for total bee removal.

The Woodbridge, Vaughan ON exterminator only kills the bees and does not remove the nest of the dead bees. It is important to remove the bee traces rather than sealing the wall. If not removed, the honeycombs and bees may rot and produce a bad smell that can damage your wall. Handle the dead bees and honeycombs as hazardous waste when disposing them since they have been treated with pesticides. Ensure that you clean the area thoroughly with warm soapy water.

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If you use the services of a Woodbridge, Vaughan ON exterminator, for bee removal, ensure that you clean the area to prevent insects such as ants and wax moths from inhabiting the area. Bee removal and control in Woodbridge, Vaughan ON can be time consuming and expensive. Therefore, you should exercise patience to achieve your goal.