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Where they liveBaby SeasonWhat they eat
Raccoons are nocturnal animals meaning they sleep all day only come out at night raccoons living in residential areas often make their dens in attics, chimneys, garages, under and inside sheds, porches and under decks.
In urban areas raccoons breed from January to April, gestation is eight to nine weeks, litter size averages from four to six young, which are mobile at seven to eight weeks old and are weaned by late summer the cubs may stay with the mother over the winter. Occasionally late births may occur in the mid summer.
Medium sized omnivores; raccoons eat almost anything from berries, nuts, fruits to grubs, insects, frogs, mice and bird eggs. Raccoons also scavenge for food in dumpsters, garbage cans, composts, and pet food left outdoors as well.


Raccoons can be carriers of different diseases including feline/canine distemper and rabies. Raccoons may have a roundworm that can infect us who accidentally inhale or ingest eggs that are passed through raccoon feces. Raccoons can also be hosts for giardiasis and leptospirosis.


Some of the common damages brought by raccoons are damages on the roof. They leave holes and gaps on roofs, facia, bathroom vent pipe flashing and roof vents. Aside from these, attic insulation and electrical wiring can be compromised.

Raccoons In Your Attic

Raccoon problems are common in Etobicoke, Ajax and Toronto. The most common problem of many residents in Etobicoke, Ajax and the GTA is raccoons residing in the attic space of their homes. Being extremely good climbers, raccoons can easily climb their way up to the attic. They push up the soffit where the soffit meets the roof. They also use the attic vents and plumbing mats to get into the attic. Residents in Etobicoke, Ajax and surrounding areas who have problems with raccoon, call only professionals at Four Seasons and Wildlife Removal.

Our raccoon removal and control experts use only effective and humane techniques to remove raccoons in your Etobicoke and Ajax homes. We use snare poles and live traps to eliminate raccoons and seal all entry points including decks, roof vents, and chimneys to ensure you’re not ever disturbed by raccoons again. Our clients in Etobicoke, Ajax and the GTA can ensure that all raccoons are eliminated in ways that will not hurt the creatures.

If you’re experiencing problems with raccoons anywhere in Toronto, Etobicoke, Ajax and the GTA, let the professionals at Four Seasons and Wildlife Removal conduct the control and removal. Contact Four Seasons and Wildlife Removal if raccoons are keeping you up at night or causing damage to your premises in Etobicoke or Ajax area.

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